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Grounded and with my intentions set, I picked two symbols: #5 and #3 (in that order).

Symbol5“Things are moving forward quickly and its time to set some new goals and intentions! Life has been moving at a fast pace and it seems that things are finally gaining momentum, what a perfect time to set some new goals for this new chapter of your life. Start by going within and working out what your hearts desire truly is. Write down the things that make you happy and then go for it! While results may not be instant, think of your thoughts as a boomerang, shooting straight up into the heavens. While you are waiting for it to return to you, continue setting your positive thoughts and intentions. The message from the Universe is clear – set your intentions now for they will be delivered!

That message is spot on. I believe it is really for me. I am at a point in my life where I am on the implementation phase already in regards to my drawn plans after several years of trying to find out what I would do after retirement.  I now have the time writing on this journal. I now have talked myself into meditating everyday.  I now have the courage to write about my life and our lifestyle, our family, our work, our education, etc., etc.  Despite the commotion inside my head (left brain arguing profusely with my heart) I now seem to have started gaining momentum on wherever it is I am heading to.  I don’t have very clear visions yet of that far distance…but with yesterday’s message from my Spirit Guide, …”baby steps”…I will be okay…I will be okay! 🙂

Photo Credits to OwnerThe messages are indeed synchronized, as I am seeing it now, coming from different sources, shooting me from all directions, from several websites, from several authors and writers. There are small shifts in my life and changes in my paradigm already. Little manifestations (here and there) that I have no control of, are now visible around me. I am being made to realize that these messages do appear in front of me as meaningfully related as possible and as easily understandable as can be by my petty human mind.  Since I have always asked for clarity in my conversations with the Universe, I am now receiving direct messages.  I used to tell Universe that I am “slow”… slow to interpret, slow to decipher and slow to decode dreams received in symbols and slow to convert metaphors into more comprehensible situations or story.  Since Universe does not speak English, Universe must have sensed my confused vibes.  I am amused at how Universe responds to my questions.  I can’t help but smile and be amazed by how these messages are now shown to me. Universe spells out everything for me this time – literally.  I would not miss anymore messages from my Source and all messages makes sense now! Oh, I love You, Source! 😀

And because my eyes are drawn on these two images, I started reading on the second symbol.

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It says I am on the right path! And that things may not always be clear for me in my own tiny mind and that I was given this message to let me know “everything is going to be okay“! Universe is telling me that I am now walking on my highest path in life and that I have so many questions (which is actually true!). It is a relief for me to know that I am guided and being looked after.  My heart is so happy I feel it literally dancing right now – thankful and grateful that I can believe and I can claim it already. Never mind the hardships (I am used to struggles all my life anyway) but I am being advised to trust that everything will work out perfectly and with divine timing. Just the thought of the Universe backing me up all the way, and that I don’t need to worry about my future anymore, is already worth to be thankful for.  All I need to do is simply stay present in each moment and watch the magic in my life unfold!

The message to me (for me) is very clear: “If you have a big decision to make, know that the answer to your decision will be delivered today through a synchronistic message or meaningful coincidences.”  And it did! I am blessed and inspired! Isn’t that cool? I am so happy and grateful now that I am able to receive messages in all that boldness and clarity (and in English) from my Source Energy.

Happy to share.

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