Painting Jobs And Life’s Lessons

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My girls painting our loft (a.k.a. - our bedroom)
My girls painting our loft (a.k.a. – our bedroom)

This was our latest project.  Our house improvement kept us busy last month. We had our stairs granite-finished and had our outside walls water-proofed.  My kids were more than happy to help during the painting process because they really need a nicer and more comfortable bedroom.  We still have to get the flooring granite-finished, though, but that’s for another day as I am still waiting for some more funds to miraculously drop in front of me! (that’s a loud prayer) 😀

Painting jobs are quite expensive these days so we have to make do of what we have. We had very limited funds but all four of us were available to get the job done – for free. So I allowed them to get messy from head to toe just for the fun of it.  And because they did it, we were able to save at least 50% in painting costs! HaHa!

They preferred white as they thought of painting their own murals on the wall, on a white backdrop.  I have not seen the finished mural yet as they are still discussing how it should look (I wonder how it would really look when they’re done).  But then, again, I have to let them be.

The experience they had was just one of life’s lesson in the real world that needs to be taught as early as now and while still possible.  Nobody else could guide them better than a parent could, I believe – the value of that precious bonding time we had while working; the unequaled value of their effort in doing their best to finish their assigned tasks, in addition to the respect they accord to people who are highly skilled or experts in the field, how ever menial; and the value of their genuine concern for their father as the solo breadwinner who could only do so much to keep our family well provided (and whom they also miss a lot because he has not been home in the last three years due to work) – all these are just some of life’s specific lessons that could not be learned from within the four corners of a traditional school.

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As you all know by now, my girls are budding artists in their own rights – Iris being a web designer/graphic artist, while Nice and Dada (being big fans of their big sister) are following suit. For me to know how I could help develop their skills and support their interests, I would have to let them go, get down and get dirty!  I remember them specially thrilled as they paint their canvas in different strokes, with different brushes and colors in an art class three years ago.  And they did it again – this time their “canvas” will be our bedroom walls??!!  I am not sure if I am also going to be “thrilled” with murals inside our bedroom, but what the heck!  I can always repaint the walls with white again to cover their “artsy’s” when all of them are grown ups already and with families of their own (that is, if I live long enough to do it). 🙂

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. – Helen Keller

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