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I have more good reasons to homeschool my kids. And one of these is for them to have more time for their non-academic pursuits such as arts and music which, (though needless to say) they enjoy very much. From Day 1 of our homeschooling activities, I asked them what they would enjoy most aside from studying their required academic subjects in elementary and high school. They told me its “music” – as each of them dreamed of playing the piano and the guitar, much like their big sister, who, is likewise, an all-rounder.

Being kind at heart, my eldest daughter bought Dada a simple acoustic guitar, the cheapest in the market. It then became Dada’s responsibility to learn how to play the instrument at her own time and pace, the moment she received her birthday gift from Ate Iris (two years ago) and when I bought a guitar lessons program online to guide her through her learning process. I would like to give credit to Nate Savage, who became my daughter’s inspiration at the time, when she was still at her early learning stages. I have yet to let him know, though, how Dada is doing, as his student. See how she plays her electric guitar below.

Dada on her strings:

Nice on the other hand, learned playing the piano through Lisa Steeple‘s piano lessons online program. Credit is, likewise, given to Ms. Lisa Steeple for being Nice’s virtual mentor. I initially bought the program for myself (actually), as it was also my life-long dream to be able to play this instrument. Time constraints, however, held me up from doing so. Until one day, Nice became my replacement. Long story short, after a year in the program, she can already play whatever music she likes.  Geesshh!!! Here’s a sampler – from her favorite anime’ songs:

Nice on her keyboards:

Realizing these results on my own children, it is such an awesome feeling to see for myself how learning can take place in a variety of ways. Homeschool allowed my children to have all the time to learn the subjects (not usually taught in their school), being more in-depth in their study than what is being allowed in school. They were able to learn at their own pace, by not being too slow nor being too fast because they were able to work at a level appropriate to their own developmental stages. The skills and concepts were introduced at the right time, making them more focused in practicing (and perfecting) their skills.  This does not happen in crowded classrooms with unreasonable distractions.

My daughters were (actually) already saving up for their dream instruments, which they plan to buy by the end of this year.  They were surprised, though, when I brought home their gadgets (an early birthday gifts) for each of them. Bass guitar for Nice and an electric guitar for Dada. And as usual Ate Iris was always ready to capture this short giggling moment. Their father would really love it when he sees this:

A week after their “toys” were brought home, here they are in action:

Homeschool brings out the best in them. How could we ever be wrong? I should have known better!

“Everyone and everything around you is your teacher.” – Ken Keyes, Jr.

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