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It was just like any normal school days in our home. The only unusual thing which highlighted the “normalcy” of today’s morning routine was our  “brunch” gourmet’ style. My kids enjoyed the Spicy Pork Ribs marinated in a McCormick Recipe Mix, deep-fried in olive oil and then stewed in its own mixture for 1-1/2 hours in very low fire until the pork was tender and the sauce was a little sticky.  McCormick’s cooking suggestion was to fry or broil the pork after 30 minutes of soaking in the marinade.  But since I do not have an oven nor a grill, my stove always work wonders (just like an original crock-pot) for me.

Spicy Ribs With Potato & Broccoli
Spicy Ribs With Potato & Broccoli

My budget for was set on 1/2 kilo of pork good for two full meals, so that 1/4 kilo of the fried pork was served for breakfast, with sauteed potatoes and broccoli on the side.  And the rest of it, cooked stew-style, for lunch, with spinach enchilada as the side dish (which I knew did not match, but we ate it all anyway, HAHA).  My kids loved both menu (they told me so!). Good!

We normally take light dinners, but tonight, I ordered 2 boxes (home delivered and the other one was actually free because I am a “green card” holder) of the Ultimate and Classic Hawaiian Pizza (Thick) from Greenwich, I could not believe they could finish almost all the slices except three.  (My goodness!) They complimented Greenwich today, saying the pizza tasted a little different, meaning better – and  I agreed (though I could only take two slices).

Our cooking activity becomes part of another HELE (Home Economics and Livelihood Education) lesson for Nice and Dada, with them around me in the kitchen, acting as my assistants, as they watched over how I cooked. Nice, being the elder one who can confidently handle a kitchen knife, sliced one large potato into bite sizes; while Dada watched me cut-off the broccoli head one stem at a time. Oh, I would like to note here, that I officially designated Dada as the official family “rice cook-er” and “dish washer”, as she now knows how to cook “perfect rice” (on an electric rice cooker, of course) and she learned how to wash the dishes sparkling-squeaky clean. I decided to give her a grade of EXCELLENT in HELE today.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. -Daisie Adelle Davis

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