How We Ended 2015?

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The holidays had just gone by without much fussiness compared to the past years’ wherein we were up and about trying to make things grand for our loved ones and the not-so-loved-ones ;-p around us. And because tradition is tradition, we need to conform with the norm on how we celebrate Christmas and New Year. Otherwise, sabi pa ni Ed Lapiz, “wala kang kasabay mag-celebrate kapag sa ibang araw ka nag-decide na mag-pasko”.

Buti na lang, naiba naman ngayon. We were visited by friends and relatives instead. And because we were able to share my specialty with them, tuloy pa din ang pasko! Japok came over to visit us. That was a once in a lifetime visit – at siya pa ang may dalang pasalubong sa amin (eyeglasses to the max – para sa aming lahat!)…grabeh, siya.

BUKOtartCrmbleTopAuntie Iday and Moshe, Auntie Bibby, cousins Dave and wife Aking, Dennis (cousin Grace’s hubby), also came by and were able to taste and bring home some of my produce. Thankful and happy ako kasi ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng opportunity na gawan sila ng regalong galing sa gawa ng mga kamay ko. Nakakatuwang isipin na nakarating na nang Davao ang mga tart ko 🙂 – nadurog nga lang dahil sa byahe. 🙁

12292015Despite the busy schedules (because of orders na di mapigilan), we were still happy with how we spent our holidays together at home, we did things we don’t normally do (baking my buko pies/tarts in the wee hours of the night and delivering them right after) during the holidays. With kids helping me with the packaging and delivery, the experience was as if we were truly in a “big” business already.  Thank you, mga anak sa patience at pagti-tiyagang samahan ako naging bisyo ko for the last 4 months at thank you Kuya Ray for being a very supportive “manugang”-to-be. Pasensya na mga anak, cookies, cakes at pizza pa lang ang kaya kong ibayad sa inyong labor of love, eh? (masarap naman, di bah?) Pasasaan ba’t magiging milyonaryo din tayo dahil sa tart natin at buko pie! Woooohoooo (Regine/Paolo). 🙂

It was fun, crazy, tiring, sleep-de12252015aprived holidays but we did great. Instead of spending for things and what-not, we were able to raise some moolah to augment to Alden’s remittances (which seem to be madalang na lately).

Well, anyway, it was a great experience to end 2015.  And excitingly looking forward to a very fruitful, blessed, successful, prosperous, lucky 2016 and beyond.




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