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My children are “Out of School”.  So now they are called “out-of-school-youths” (OSY). Well, we live in a country where home-schooled children are considered OSY when they are not enrolled in any school or institution.  That is one thing I learned when we applied for a library card in our local library.  Because my children were no longer officially enrolled in a school (and they don’t have valid student ID’s) they had to get a certification from our barangay office identifying them as “out-of-school-youths” and are “indigents”. Whatever that connotes, I don’t really care, as long as it isn’t true.  My children didn’t even mind as long as they could start using the public library anytime they like. 😀

Anyway, my family thinks that it didn’t have to be “bad” or “wrong” to be home-schooled.  They are out of “school”, which simply means they are “free” from (and “out” of) the four corners of school buildings and classrooms.  They are out of the school premises, out of institutions, no specific school rules and regulations to follow, no bullies, no ridiculously high tuition fees, and no outrageous miscellaneous fees.  No deadlines, no senseless projects, no long assignments, no tests, no criticisms, no embarrassments from rude and impatient teachers, and no confidence-wreckers.

One last issue we had (which I could not take sitting down), was dealt with accordingly.  In fairness to the school and with all due respect to all school officials, I still commend them for taking immediate action(s) after meeting with them – (a meeting initiated by the school Principal to help them clarify my written complaint).  I’d like to think that what happened to us will be lessons learned by those concerned.

Withdrawing my kids from school was not a hard decision to make though, as my children and I were all set to start with our homeschooling; and  I assumed that they respected our decision as I have not heard from them since.  And so, we moved on. 🙂

Two years into our homeschool adventures, my daughters enjoy the freedom from unnecessary bondage of school life. They’re free to take their time to sleep (up to 10-11 hours daily) because they don’t have to wake up at 4 in the morning.  They can be assured that they’d never be late for class anytime. They’re free to do whatever they like during the day because I let them choose the subjects they like to read during the day and let them play the sport they want to learn.  I let them explore their talents in arts and music.  They are allowed to read books they are interested in outside of their 5 core subjects.  They learn at their own pace, without time limits and without measuring how much they have learned because I don’t give surprise tests/examinations.

To gauge whether or not they had “learned something” during the year, I do give them mid-year and/or year-end examinations based on random test questions I gather from several examination materials which I buy from  bookstores (online and offline) and from their own reference books.  I teach them “self-confidence” and “self-reliance” by doing it this way.  They don’t have to experience fear and anxiety every time they are tested.   I just do not agree in stressing out children with paper examinations.  And the way I see it (now), my kids are doing just fine, in their level.  (I will be sharing some more of this topic on my later posts).

Meantime, I would like to share with everyone some activities we had in the last two years of homeschooling.  These are the things they enjoy the most which I believe I should support to help them grow-up “normally”. 😀

  • Work Over Lunch At Tokyo Tokyo: Brainstorming With Ate Iris

    Work Over Lunch At Tokyo Tokyo: Brainstorming With Ate Iris

  • Work Over Lunch At Tokyo Tokyo: Brainstorming With Ate Iris

  • Work Over Lunch At Tokyo Tokyo: Brainstorming With Ate Iris

  • Work Over Lunch: Brainstorming With Ate Iris

  • Dadas wants to be a kicker!

  • Swimming Lessons in Summer of 2011

  • The Winning Team ESS BLSS Imus

  • Nice's Actual Training in Swimming

  • Nice With Coach Jayvee

  • Nice Doing Exams At SM-Starbucks

  • Dada Doing Exams At Home

  • Patit Doing Exams At Home

  • Field Trip At Clark, Pampanga

  • Field Trip At Trece Martires

  • Field Trip At Trece Martires

  • Field Trip At Trece Martires

  • Sea Lion Show

  • Nice's Favorite Pastime - Doodling

    Nice's Favorite Pastime - Doodling

  • Nice's Favorite Past-time Activity: Drawing

    Nice's Favorite Past-time Activity: Drawing

  • Nice's Favorite Past-time Activity: Drawing

    Nice's Favorite Past-time Activity: Drawing

  • Nice's Favorite Past-time Activity: Drawing

    Nice's Favorite Past-time Activity: Drawing

  • Dada's Clay Creations

  • Dada's Sketches

  • Dada's Sketches

  • Dada's Paper Robots

  • A Successful 5-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Church.

  • Painting Job At Home

  • Science Experiment: Solar Oven

Learning for them is fun. What more can I say?  Homeschooling is a dream-come-true for my family.  We were able to achieve MORE FREEDOM AND GREATER FLEXIBILITY – in all areas of our lives. YES!

Note:  I noticed that my slides don’t have labels you might be wondering what my kids are doing on the photos. 🙂 I am still trying to figure out how “labeling/captioning” is done on the images but for the meantime I will just describe them here in bullet form (bear with me please) 🙁

  • Photo 1-4 – They were working over lunch at Tokyo Tokyo brainstorming with Ate Iris for their own website.
  • Photo 5 – Dada during her Taekwondo class.  This was the event wherein she was promoted to dark-yellow-belt.
  • Photo 6-8 Their Swimming Class with Ate Iris as their Coach.
  • Photo 9-11 In March of last year, Nice had formal swimming lessons at the Bert Lozada Swimming School (BLSS). Two months into her lessons she was trained to join the competing team of Elizabeth Seton School (BLSS) in May.  Their team won a gold for the medley-relay race – and she was the best in her butterfly stroke. 😀
  • Photo 12-14 Nice was taking her year-end examination while at Starbucks Cafe (cool, huh?).  While Dada and Patit (my niece) were at home taking their year-end exams, too. Of course, they passed their tests.  That’s how tests should be! 😀
  • Photo 15-19 Field Trips. Whenever, wherever they like – locally, of course (hehe).  But I make sure, the places we go to are educational and historical places.
  • Photo 20-23 Nice’s talent in drawing is amazingly improving.  This is her favorite pastime.
  • Photo 24-27 Dada’s artistic abilities include doodling with clay, paper and her pencil. More here.
  • Photo 28 My kids like organizing events. This photo was taken after their successful 5-day Vacation Bible School for kids.  I have more to show but I thought of writing about “socialization” in my later posts, where I could share how they socialize. 🙂
  • Photo 29 They did paint our house. And they enjoyed it (actually asking for more). 😀  I saved for a 3-day labor cost! HAHA
  • Photo 30 – A science experiment called solar oven.  My kids are kinda’ science geeks (not sure why).

Oh, I almost forgot – our homeschool includes “me” – because I recently enrolled at Wealthy Affiliate University where I try to learn everything about online entrepreneurship, the legit and ethical way – at home. 🙂 (More on this on my later posts).

“Children have to be educated, but they also have to be left to educate themselves.”    ~ Ernest Dimnet, French Writer

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