Happy 2016!!!

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Happy New Year! This will be my newest New Year’s Resolution…to write anything on this blog starting today. Kahit ano’ng topic, English man o Tagalog o Bisaya…basta I have to write something – everyday in every way. I will be writing here and will get better each day…no matter what! I can write about my menu for the day, I can write about what I feed my children each day, how we are doing as a family, how I am doing as a person, my own personal improvements and failures, how my children are doing at school and their education at home. I can do this. I have to stop procrastinating, I have to quit being hard on myself, I need to be focused and dedicated to this commitment of staging an abundant life. Feel rich, dream big – as in BIG TIME, be prosperous in my ways and be positive in all aspects of my life.

Second, I’d like to start a new personal development project – in developing the artist in me.  I didn’t have EvrythngOKthe guts to start on this because I thought (and imposed upon myself) that I was not an artist. But then, I guess I have a small part of me being an artist – not sure yet, but I actually tried a coloring project for adults. I downloaded several free templates and started to work on it. I completed it before the day ended resulting to a terrible cramp of my right arm. Nevertheless, it was fulfilling and enjoyable. I never really thought I’d like it in the first place but I did.

And then lately, I have been trying (again) to go back to my spiritual development…to be aligned with the Universe (again). Hindi ko na nga matandaan kung kailan nagsimula ang interest ko sa Meditation at Chakra Healing, pero heto at nagsisimula na naman ako.  It has been a while since I’ve last held my healing stones which I bought more than 20 years ago. And this time, I hope to pursue these exercises (in addition to my Tai Chi QiGong exercises) for my personal development (again). Sana lang magtuluy-tuloy na. I managed to quit smoking (finally, after 35 years of damaging my being) thru the help of Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi and it would really be nice if my perception and lifestyle could also be improved by doing Yoga, Meditation and Chakra Healing. I am practicing Yoga only because I need the exercises to “repair” some of my health issues.  But I also intend to balance my Chakra so I could drive away all the kamalasan surrounding my life in the past several years.

I am into Quantum Jumping now. I am inspired by Burt Goldman, the author of Quantum Jumping. He is, to me, the epitome of a truly accomplished and wise human being, who did not waste his time thinking about his age but of what he could still accomplish in his senior years and still (looking forward to) past/beyond his age of 85. I wish to have that kind of mindset, too, at one point in my life.

I am also into Chakra Healing which I felt I needed theIamEnough most lately.  So, for the last two weeks,  it has been a very spiritual time for me and I am still on that journey to a peaceful and calm me.

Well, this is just me challenging the norm.  I felt the need to be relevant, too.  Not because I have always done things the “right” way, it does not mean that it’s the only best way. I thought I also need to change and move in a better direction, for ME – for a better ME.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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