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This website is a personal blog focused mainly on my children’s home-school education, fun field trips and activities, family relationships, parenting, health issues, self-improvement, financial literacy, books and product reviews relevant to our family’s general education and lifestyle.

I am promoting my own advocacy to a delight-directed learning system for children and to help disseminate the Education For All (EFA) Program of the Philippine Government through home-based education and the Alternative Learning System (ALS) of the Department of Education.

Needless to say, from here and onwards,  all things related to our home-school activities or otherwise, will be recorded on this journal.

Hi. I am Ma-Dot, a continuing student of life.  A parent, a wife, teacher, counselor, cook, housemaid, nurse, a friend, a financial adviser, an entrepreneur, but most of all a mother.

Welcome to my world!

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