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A favorite poem. Have been stuck somewhere in my head for the longest time. As I have been trying to be at peace…and connected…with my surroundings…with the circumstances happening to me at the moment…and with the stars I am connected with and…with myself  – – – because my struggles are real…rock-hard…challenging…I pondered on these lines… that has led me here (again).  So much has to be written down – (again).

I would like to start with a short thank you note to the Universe. I am so happy and so grateful to the peaceful and relaxing ambiance of Zucchini’s – a fine-dine resto/bar the Universe tells me to enjoy in, and so I am.  I did not think of getting inside this place because it is known to be pricey.  But I felt like I was to be one lucky human being – today and for however long the Universe would want me to stay here.  Not a hint ever in my mind that I am going to be in for a treat (as in every day) in a First-Class European Restaurant within the metro. And guess what?! I am one Lucky daughter of the Universe! YES, I AM THAT, I AM! I am one lucky human being – oh, I mean, “three” lucky human beings, my kids included.

We have been having sumptuous meals here lately (and will continue to be so until Universe says “enough”) courtesy of one “Angel on Earth” – a very generous, kind and down to earth, to let us feel like “privileged” guests.  The feeling of being served with excellent food, all new to our taste buds, all meticulously prepared, hot, freshly made, delicately presented in big plates, on a table set with so many cutleries – and served by smiling, courteous, well-trained staff of Zucchini’s calm, cool, quiet and fresh zucchini-smelling ambiance – simply made our lives the one to be envied about, had anyone known to me would learn about our experience.  Our Angel Host was so kind to give us free tutorials on the pa-susyal-way-of-eating” every time we eat. (No, I don’t take offense, because I felt the sincerity in the manner she shows us how…my kids are lucky, di ba?)  I did not bother to know the names of the food we ate during the first three or four days as I found Italian or French cuisines a bit difficult to remember and to muster (with twangs and all that).  I don’t even bother ordering what I like because I wouldn’t know what they were anyway. So I just ate and enjoyed every piece my fork or spoon (whichever is appropriate) brings to my almost-watering mouth.  I will name them all next time when I remember 🙂 and oh, the words “excellent”, “great”, “outstanding” are all understatements to describe this memorable and so wonderful experience, that is – – to enjoy our meals in peace and quiet (na hindi nagmamadali) as if we could really afford to dine in this place forever! Amazing Universe! Incredibly Amazing!

It has been a year ago today, when I decided to turn-around (180 degrees) from the life I was already used to – well, I mean, in the last 6 years of staying at home, with kids and chores to attend to as my daily priority. I was home-bound…or so I thought I was.  My story has been detailed in this blog.  Six years passed and my journey has ended – again.  I am now on another trip bound somewhere I do not know yet.  Though, my instincts tell me – “it is the happiest place, this time around”– well, I am not sure where or how I am going to get there as yet, but. I have been successful in my last journey together with my kids, though; learned so much and it was a delightful learning journey.  Last year was my ultimate success, I can call it that.  When my kids successfully completed the last six years of HS Education –in flying colors.  Bravo! To us, kids…may we continue to be brightly shining specs of dust in the Universe – and the spirit world – hehe. (Y)

My journey to a married life was a 23-year hurdle (almost 30 if I count the last 6 years I considered myself “separada”).  It was sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes happy to rocky to very rocky, sometimes wonderful to depressing until it just went hurtfully ugly in the last 10 years. So to sum it all up, being married for 23 long years was indescribable but I earned my prize – I came out of it “learned”, “better”, “stronger” and a lot more in “peace”.

The second trip was “the-mama” life (a 7-year hands-on affair with my home and my children).  Overall results: SUCCESSFUL but more to come. REMINDER (to me): CONSISTENCY.

My third trip is a bit different – my spiritual life (barely starting & on-going) or my career-life, whichever comes and manifest first and the extent of “changes” being introduced to me in the last 10 months.  Those changes started last year.  A series of soul-searching sessions made me realize that I am now “awake” – and I now understand what I am and what my purpose in life is.  I am now working on my spiritual progress, firmly believing in the works of all Cosmic Forces, as I am being led to blissfulness.  I know in my heart that this trip will be a long and colorful journey – (and successful, says my intuitive self) — while efforts and hardships will still be a challenge to me – so I would stay in “human mode”.  Why do I know that? Because all the people who are connected to me in the last 10 months of this journey are all helping each other to bring me there! And they might not know it yet but I do. 🙂

There are significant manifestations unfolding – one is my connection to a new-found mentor.  She has been “living” her life in her own blissful reality.  There must be something the Universe wants to happen to both our lives because we connected from out of the blue.  That will be found out later.  Next are my new-found stars in the MAX1 family – truly a wonderful group to belong to – a group of intelligent, kind-hearted, warm human beings…in addition to the stars I have connected with already in the past, I now “belong” (again) to more of them…I am just so grateful for the opportunity to meet these stars in my circle. And finally, a very kind star I just met who is all too kind to a fault.  She seems so naive when it comes to trusting people around her. I know she currently needs help and I just heard her say “you are heaven-sent” which, of course, I am also happy that she feels that way.  (Calling all my guides and guardian angels…we have work to do!)

These all started when I decided to go out of the house, mingled with co-stars, started to spread love and light. The Universe made me connect to these “stars” (exactly what I wished for) and I just knew that they will lead me to my new destination…in due time.  Now, one more manifestation I am currently waiting for – seated so deep in my heart – would soon be unfolding! HAHA!

As I patiently wait for my guides to lead my way to the promised “changes”, I look forward to that day when everything will be much clearer (as nothing is as of the moment – as far as my spiritual journey is concerned).  I am not so sure if the “changes” through this direction (where I am at the moment) is already the one being referred to by my guides.  But somehow, despite my apprehensions, hard work and indecisions, I see good results.  So maybe, Yes, I am on the right path.

While the Universe makes me go to unexpected places, do unexpected things, and be connected with unexpected people, leading me to somewhere I, supposedly, had to be – that little voice in my head told me to just be aware and be deeply rooted at all times, as everything is being prepared for my coming.  The High Priestess, on the other hand, tells me – “Your future is bright. If you heed your own intuition you are headed towards lasting contentment and the success you crave.”

I am excitedly looking forward to that wonderful day when the rest of my dreams come abound, manifest and unfold right in front of my very eyes! I hope that I don’t get destructed with the “nice” things happening to me and around me.

My biggest THANK YOU, Universe, Source, Cosmic Forces, My Guardian Angel, My Protective Archangels, My Abundance Angels, My Lord and My God, for bringing me everyone, who, became channels, in more ways than one, so these amazingly lavish provisions would come my way and so that things would work together for my own good.  Such a wonderful experience to keep in one corner of my heart’s memory. I am forever grateful. Namaste!

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