17 Years Ago Today…

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BdayNice117 Years Ago Today…it is Nice’s birthday. And mine, too 😀 – simply because I gave birth to her.

A simple celebration is to take place, sponsored by Ate Iris – TY, Ate Ishii, you are the best Ate in the whole wide world (charot!)  😛

Happy Birthday, Ate Nice. I wish you all happiness in life, all positive vibrational mentality, all positive vibrational well-being, spiritual guidance in all and everything you desire in life.

A few months from now, you will be on your way to Grades 11 and 12. And I know in my heart that you are now ready to face the world with all confidence, armed with what you have learned in school and with what you have experienced while homeschooling, I believe you already know what you will become in your adulthood and have already chosen the educational path you will pursue in the Media Entertainment Industry.  BdayNice4Go for it! anak— pursue your dreams, reach your goals and visions, find your purpose in life and be happy in everything you do. We are all here to support you. I want you to be happy all days of your life because you deserve to be happy.  We will continue to pray for your 3DSENSE educational fund.

I wish you everything I was not, have not and what not. I am proud that at 17, I am already seeing you happy and accomplished.  Just stay healthy and keep up the good work, my dear. You are blessed! I am blessed, too, because I have the three of you. 🙂



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